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Dr Greg Chapman - The Profit Whisperer

From Camberwell, VIC
Will travel 100 km from Camberwell
$3000 - $5000 Per Event
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"Inspiring, Motivating, Challenging, an Eye-opener, Insightful & Entertaining" - typical comments from my event participants. For many small business owners, Dr Greg Chapman's seminars are their "AHA!" moment.

How to Make Your Professional Organisation a Success: Make Your Members a Success!

Dr Greg Chapman speaks about the things that matter most to your small business owner members - their success! He is a leading expert on emerging small businesses, a business advisor, professional speaker, and internationally renown author.

His first book was the best selling "The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success" - a finalist in the international Indie Business Book Awards. His second book was "Price: How You Can Charge More Without Losing Sales". His latest book is "Married to the Business: Honey I love you but our business sucks".

Dr Chapman regularly speaks at conferences and meetings for small business organisations and product suppliers to small businesses around Australia.Business owners love the simplicity of his message and the memorable way he presents it. He has been called the 'Australian Michael Gerber'.

Some of the topics that Dr Greg Chapman presents are:

Why Most Businesses will Stay Small and What You can Do About Yours
Make Your Business Run Without You
Sales for Business Owners who can't (or hate to) Sell
Price: How to Charge More Without Losing Sales
How to Turn Your Business into a Profit Machine

These topics can be presented as a Keynote Address or in a Workshop format. In all cases the content can be customised for your members.


“Greg Chapman provided a fantastic educational seminar for our customers and clients based on his book, the 5 Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success. The feedback on Greg’s presentation was very positive all around which we found to be current, relevant, and delivered in an easy to understand and informative manner. We highly recommend Greg, as he displayed a detailed knowledge of the challenges that face small businesses, and we would consider him for education again in the future.”
Jared Davis– Megawood Larson-Juhl / Berkshire Hathaway

"Your relaxed yet confident style reflected your deep knowledge of the subject matter and re-enforced messages on how our members can achieve "The Five Pillars of Business Success". You provided our members with valuable material to reflect on, and we have received very favourable feedback about the event and your presentation."
Giselle Grynbaum Joint Executive Officer - Building Designers Association.

"The session was enlightening, invigorating and logical. The quality of the information was excellent with a simple explanation of the key processes necessary to plan for business success. I know a few of the stories resonated with the audience as demonstrated by the resulting motivation to go forward. Definitely a must for all small business owners ... before they reach the plateau stage!"
Fiona Young Executive Director Squashvic

"The feedback from members over the four seminars was consistently positive, and Dr Greg Chapman scored an average of 4.10 out of 5 for content and delivery. "
Chris Harty National Manager Continuing Professional Development Australian Institute of Architects

Why Most Businesses Stay Small and What You can do about Yours
Why are some people more successful in business than others? Why do 98% of businesses stay Micro? The biggest risk for most business owners is not that their businesses will fail, but that they will become Micro-Stayers.

In this keynote, you will discover:

•The five reasons small businesses stay small.

•The critical priorities that owners must address at different stages of their business lifecycle. Owners that don’t prioritise become frustrated and overwhelmed.

•How to set your profit objective. Without a profit objective, you don’t own a business, just a job with overheads.

•How to use the Five Profit Drivers to double your profit.

•What you must do to turn your business into a Profit Machine that runs without you

Dr Greg Chapman presents the fundamental principles of building a successful business that will run without the owner an become a saleable asset.


How to Make Your Business Run without You
When the cat's away (you), do the mice (your staff) play? Do things just stop, or at least slow down, when you're not there?

A major obstacle to growth for small business owners is their dependence on the owners themselves.

Many hard-working business owners work long, back-breaking hours servicing clients, sorting orders, and taking care of all the grueling nitty-gritty ‘stuff', with all the stress while their staff work nine to five with better conditions, and maybe even better pay.

In this keynote, you will discover:

•Why businesses stay small

•How to work smarter

•What are the building blocks for a business that runs without you

•How to manage a business when you aren't there

Dr Greg Chapman shows business owners how to have a business that runs without them which ultimately provides them an exit strategy.


How to Charge More without Losing Sales
Why can some of your competitors increase their prices while you have to struggle with yours? When you lift your prices, do you lose sales? Are most of your customers only interested in Price? Are You a Price Taker?

At this keynote you will discover:

•How much should you charge
•Which prices you should raise first
•The easiest way to increase your prices
•How to break the connection between cost and price
•Guerrilla Pricing Tactics
•The single most important thing you must do to obtain sustainable price increases
•The Marketing Secrets that the Big Brands in Your Sector use to charge more

Dr Greg Chapman shows businesses how to become a Price Maker and be Reassuringly Expensive!



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