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Welcome to the AllGigs Help Centre. Here you can find hundreds of answers to frequently asked questions about the AllGigs online booking system.

Learn how by viewing this tutorial or follow these instructions: 

  • Log into your control panel
  • Go to the leads tab
  • Click the edit link for saved responses
  • Click the create new response button
  • Name your new saved response
  • Fill out the info
  • Click the update saved response button

Submit a quote and inform the client that the quote might change pending further information.

We recommend that you make your deposit non-refundable.  This protects you however, if you the vendor cancel or fail to appear for the event the clients deposit will be refunded.

Yes we recommend that you require a deposit.  This protects you as well as your clients.

If you will be travelling out of your normal travel range or if you need overnight accommodation you should let the client know that you need to be compensated.  It’s important to remember that your travel expenses will not be included in your 5% booking fee nor your total dollars earned towards your All Gigs search results ranking.

Your clients are required to pay the deposits online however the remaining balance can be paid online or in person directly to you.

Yes we accept PayPal as a method of payment for client deposits and balances.

For your security and protection we do not accept payments over the phone.  If you’d like to make a payment contact the All Gigs team at and we will direct you to a page that will process your payment.

There are no additional fees for the online payment service.

To enable online payments VIEW THIS VIDEO TUTORIAL.  To set your All Gigs membership to receive online deposits and balances follow these steps: 

  • Log into your control panel
  • Click on the account tab
  • Choose the billing information option
  • Check the box below enable online payments from clients to authorize online payments
  • Select the options below
  • Enter your banking information
  • Click the click here once to update button

Whenever there’s an online payment to be redeemed you will be notified through the control panel and via email.  To redeem the payment follow these steps:

  • Login to your control panel
  • Click on the account tab
  • Click the view link for transactions
  • Click the redeem link for the payment you’re redeeming
  • Click the button that reads click here once to redeem funds. 

Please allow 4-6 business days for the money to be transferred into your bank account.

Yes we use ACH which is completely secure.  Your banking account info is stored in our database with the same level of encryption as are credit cards.

We recommend you make your online payments non-refundable for your security.

All Gigs will refund the deposit to the client, you will not be given any penalty and the client cannot post feedback.

All Gigs will refund the deposit to the client, issue you a no show penalty and the client may post feedback.

The first time you no show you’ll receive a written warning and possibly a suspension.  The client will be allowed to post feedback on your All Gigs profile.  On your second no show All Gigs reserves the right to terminate your membership.

All Gigs will refund the booking fee and the vendor has the right to keep any non-refundable payments if they wish.  The client cannot post feedback.

Yes you can control the order through the profile tab in your control panel, click the edit link for reviews and adjust the sequence on the following page.

Yes we send a review request email automatically the after every gig.  If the client has not submitted a review we will follow up with a reminder 14 days after the gig.   The emails will contain links to bring the clients directly to a review form.

Yes you can and here’s how:

  • Log into your control panel and selct the leads tab
  • Enter the gig id# in the search gig id# field and click view
  • Click the review link and go to the area titled response
  • Enter your response and click the save button.

You can trigger a review reminder email to your client via your control panel.  This option will become available 7 days after the event.

  • Log into your control panel and go to your leads tab
  • Enter the gig id# in the search field and click go
  • In the client column click feedback reminder for the client you’re contacting

All Gigs will only remove a client review if provided with a valid court order finding that the disputed review is slanderous, libelous, defamatory or otherwise illegal.

Leave a response, this will allow all future clients to clearly read your side of the story. 

Get additional positive reviews, the more great reviews you receive the better you will look so keep on booking. 


Yes you can report bookings on behalf of your clients and get credit for them as you would an other All Gigs booking.  This also means your client gets access to the All Gigs features such as deposits, balance payments and contracts. 

  • Log into your all gigs control panel and go to the Gig Calendar tab
  • Click add gig and select the first option to create an All Gigs booking
  • Provide us with client, gig and booking fee info and click the book and pay fee button

Yes to learn how to create  contract WATCH THIS VIDEO TUTORIAL. 

Learn how to confirm a booking by viewing this VIDEO TUTORIAL. 

When you get booked for a gig you receive booking dollars which go towards your search results ranking.  If you do a wedding that pays $500 you’ll receive $500 booking dollars.  Your total booking dollars will also be seen on your profile.

By blacking out dates on your  calendar you wont be contacted for any events that take place on that date. 

  • Log into your control panel and go to gig calendar tab
  • Click modify/delete gig link and on the next page select the date of the event and click the submit button
  • Check the box that says blackout date and click the modify button.

When a client is interested we’ll send you an email with a link to the gig info.

Make sure you’re participating in auto add, this is the best way to ensure you’re getting the maximum amount of leads.  To enable auto add:

  • Log into control panel and go to the profile tab
  • Click edit for profile details and scroll down to where it says “ do you want us to auto add you to gig alerts when the client authorizes it?  Make sure you have yes checked.
  • Click continue at the bottom of the page and then click update on the next page.

Either your email address is not valid or you have spam protection software preventing our emails from getting to you.  Please add to your email address book.

Generally vendors with a high star rating will be at the top of search results but a client can choose to adjust the search results to vendors closest to them or vendors who have had the most bookings or earned the most money.

Watch this video tutorial.

  • Log into your control panel and go to gig calendar tab
  • Click the add gig link and enter the info about your event and click the submit button.

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