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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Band or DJ for your Wedding

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Band or DJ for your Wedding
Questions to Ask When Hiring a Band or DJ for your Wedding
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Working on your wedding arrangements can be hectic because you need everything perfect. A vital part of your wedding is the music as it becomes the sound track to your big day. To avoid anything that goes against your taste, you need to interview the bands or DJs properly to hire the best. It can be confusing to know what questions you should ask so we’ve got together some samples for you to ask a band or DJ.

  • The first thing you inquire about is their style. How do they describe it? For instance, are they are rock n’ roll , jazz, classic, hip-hop. You want to hire the one whose style matches your wedding theme and your taste.
  • You might want to see them perform at someone’s wedding to get an idea how they will perform at your wedding so don’t be afraid to ask if you can check them out. If you don’t have the time to see them perform most entertainers have videos of their performance uploaded to their profile.
  • You should also ask: have you performed at this venue before? If yes, do you know the audio requirements of the place? If they haven’t performed there they will most likely need to check out the venue to see what they need to bring.
  • If you want them to play your favorite songs, make sure you ask specifically before hand so you know that song you’re craving a dance to can be played without any problems.
  • What is your plan in case you or any band member gets sick on the wedding day?
  • Ask about any extra equipment and instruments they need and any special effects they use. If they use any such thing, will they charge extra money for this?
  • Now one of the most important questions: How do you set a comfortable audio level for all the guests?
  • Do not forget to ask about their attire for your wedding. If you have a particular theme in mind, ask them to dress accordingly.
  • Ask how many hours are they going to play, the number of breaks they need, do they have fill in music for the breaks?

Once, you have asked these important questions, you come to the questions related to their experience, attitude during the ceremony, their problem handling skills, back-up plans in case of different problems, liability insurance, cancellation policy etc.

  • While asking about their experience, instead of asking how many years of experience they have, ask: in how many weddings do you typically perform in a year? You don’t want to hire musicians that are out of practice or not well rehearsed.
  • Can you easily handle song requests? If they are up to it, you can give this creative control to your guests.  
  • How do you motivate people to get up and dance?
  • You should also ask about their back-up plans in case of different problems. The questions you can ask them are:
  1. What do you do in case of any equipment malfunction?
  2. Do you have any kind of insurance in case any accident happens at the venue, like liability insurance? The right professional will show you his certificate which guarantees that everyone will be alright if there is an accident.
  3. What do you do if the date or venue changes? How do you cope up with that? This is called cancellation policy. Make sure they have one because sometimes due to unexpected circumstances, these changes have to be made and the bands or DJs have to adjust accordingly. This shows their flexibility and adaptability.
  4. Has anything unexpected happened at a previous wedding, how did you handle it?

Finally, after all these questions make sure that your favorite vocalist or performer will be at your wedding and not someone else. Ask if they have any other job before or after your wedding, write the hours and payment in the agreement.

All of the above questions will help you learn a lot about your performer’s personality, make the right decision and create the perfect ambiance in your wedding which will be remembered for years to come.