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Organising party for birthday and wedding are way too different than organising an official party. You must be thinking organising a corporate party is easier that organising any other. But, let me tell you, it is not at all easy the way it seems to be. Research is also conducted in order to avoid any mistake that has been taken places previous year most probably. It is a very time taking the process as the planning should be executed at an early stage as possible.

Planning an official party can be a lot more challenging than one think it is! it takes a lot of effort to organise a party, and there are a lot of things that should befall into correct places and order.

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We’ve come up with a few tips which will help you with planning your official party, we will ensure that you get everything in a proper place and proper manner.


    While deciding a date make sure that it will be convenient of other employee or co-workers as well. Choose a date when everyone in the company is more likely to come. Or one may ask the employee or the worker to fix a date in which they are comfortable with. You don't want any of the individual to miss this party right? so let them decide the date.


  Do you want to organise the perfect party? and at the same time, you don't want to commit the mistakes which ruined your party last year. So to avoid those mistakes, one can take feedback from the employees. Please note this that, every people have different taste so everyone will convey you their thinking which might lead to confusion. So one can ask 20 to 30 people randomly from the various department, it will lead to less confusion and make the work easier.


   Set your budget accordingly. Try to find out affordable vendors and party hire. Don't waste the capital or fund on hiring a different type of vendor for various purpose, instead of that try to find out the vendor that almost provide everything. Here affordable vendor doesn't mean to go super cheap but to choose a vendor providing the services that offer the best value for your money. Hiring or appointing a vendor which deliver all the benefits can be pocket-friendly as compared to hire various vendors.


   First, decide what type of venue do you want to conduct the party in. Its totally depend on the person or group where they want to throw the party. One can hire the party hire for new venues or if not then party halls can be taken as a rental basis for such events. If the employees are comfortable then one can also conduct the party out of town. Do make sure that you get the confirmation from the employees and co-workers to conduct the party outer side of the city.


   The main centre of attraction at any party is food and drinks no matter what. Admit it or not! most of them are here only to eat and enjoy the drinks. So deliver them what they want. Choose the best caterer for the party. A menu card based on the employee's likes and dislikes will be perfect, as this will motivate the employee to attend the party. Separate section or counter should be made for drinks. Hard drink, as well as soft drinks followed by juice, should be kept.

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